Underwater Kinetics

LED Headlamp

This low cost, yet highly functional LED headlamp featured a cylindrical polycarbonate housing with Santoprene end caps. The housing encased the internal sub-assembly, which included a center structure that supported the batteries and LED, while also acting as a heat sink. The PCB's on each end provided stability, and also assisted in assembly.

The edges of the fresnel lens were extended to create a protective shroud for the battery pack. Subtle use of texture provided for diffusion of light, and in other areas, acts as a visual barrier.

When fully assembled, the end caps provided a waterproof seal. A red coating on a portion of the cylinder provided low level diffuse lighting for night vision applications. The outer case, molded of ABS, provided structure and also allowed for vertical adjustment of the beam.

This project was guided from trade show prototype to pilot production in nine weeks.  (Please don't ask us to do that again.)

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