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Camera Lens Shroud

Today, digital cameras are everywhere. They are in our homes, our cars, our computers, even our phones. And every digital camera utilizes the same basic mechanics – an imaging chip, a lens, a lens holder, and a lens shroud. A lens shroud is a simple part, with one very specific function: it allows the user to take quality pictures. The funny thing, that part can be a real bugger.

First of all, the material has to have just the right stiffness – too stiff and you can’t install it, too flexible and it won’t fit (or it falls off 12.4 seconds after it was installed).

Next, it has to be the right color. Not just any old black, but a special black. Not a bright black like so many purses and briefcases. More of a muted black – an elegant black - something like a tuxedo, or soft Italian black leather gloves, or the intake manifold on the engine of an Audi A5. That kind of black. And it has to have the right kind of texture – not a heavy texture like alligator leather, or a coarse texture like a charcoal briquette. Something more like black velvet. Finally, it needs to have the right level of gloss. Not too shiny, not too dull, but just right. And the overall feel should be soft and subtle.

OK, so maybe the color is not black, perhaps it’s a tuxedo gray. Whatever. Just make it work.

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