Art of Mass Production™ is an engineering consulting company specializing in the technologies of mass production.

We provide services to manufacturing companies seeking a competitive edge in the global marketplace. We help our clients bring new products to market.

We work on the front end of product development – with industrial designers, marketers, engineers – as well as on the back end – with tool makers, molders, and material suppliers.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is in design, materials, and processes for mass production, not for a few hundred parts, or for a few thousand, but for hundreds of thousands – or hundreds of millions – of parts.

We mostly work on small stuff, things that people touch and hold and interact with. Things that need to work no matter what: flashlights, brake levers, cell phones, medical devices, zippers. We work on them in a really big way.

As our clients will confirm, We can help you make millions. 

company history


Eric R. Larson is an engineer with a passion for mass production. Growing up in Detroit, cars were often a topic of conversation. While the focus was usually on performance, there was always a fascination with style, and the desire to fly. Following his heart, he attended the University of Michigan, and graduated with a B.S.E. degree in aerospace engineering. His dream was to design and build airplanes.

He later realized his true calling was in the field of product design after reading Victor Papanek’s classic text Design for the Real World. Inspired by that book, and by his own personal experiences, Eric focused his career on product design for mass production.

In 2006 he founded Art of Mass Production, an engineering consulting company specializing in the technologies of mass production.

Portrait of AMP founder Eric Larson






What is art?

It is a question that has been asked through the ages, from Adam to Plato to Tolstoy to United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart. Discussing the question can be a lot of fun – if you have the time.  In the business world, the question is much simpler: “What can you do for my business?”

A lot of companies talk about all the services they offer – design, development, engineering, manufacturing support.  They talk about adding value, creating synergy, accelerating innovation, etc.

To all of this we shrug our shoulders and say, “Whatever.” We do one thing – and we do it well.

We help companies get new products into production – and stay in production.

That is our passion. Our promise. Our art. What’s yours?

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