Watershot iDive Housing

Dive Housing for iPad

How can an iPad, especially the touch screen, be used underwater . . . at any depth?

The ability to use digital devices underwater would bring marine science into the 21st century.  Data collection and related tasks are currently complex and time consuming due to lack of modern tools.  Use of a digital device, like an iPad, could make this work more efficient - and a lot more fun.

The challenge was to develop a system that would allow underwater researchers, marine biologists, and underwater explorer’s to ditch the archaic underwater pencil and paper, and the tedious process of manually recording data into spreadsheets after a dive.  

The design and development process involved clean sheet ideation and concept development, prototyping, detailed design, material selection, and guidance into production, all with a sensitivity to the design aesthetics, and the environment in which the device would be used.

The resulting product is multi-patent pending and the only underwater touch screen device known to exist.  Testing to 100 meter depth has been successfully completed and the commercial product also caught the attention of Apple, who subsequently used the product in their “What’s Your Verse” advertising campaign, where they explore the places people have used Apple products.


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